About the Proteoglycan Forum

The Proteoglycan Forum (PG Forum) was first organized by Professor Yanagishita (Tokyo Medical and Dental University) in 1997, with an intention of furthering the knowledge on glycoscience and establishing a network of scientists who are interested in studying proteoglycans and related biological molecules by increasing exchanges between researchers working on the complex carbohydrate molecule, proteoglycans.
The format of PG Forum has been mainly series of seminars presented by scientists invited from both within Japan and abroad. The extensive discussion during the seminar provided unique opportunity for exchanging most current research information and identification of various experimental resources.
To continue this activity, the PG Forum will be held every year.


Chief Organizer 

Shuhei Yamada (Meijo University)


Naoki Itano (Kyoto Sangyo University) 
Ikuko Kakizaki (Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine) 
Hiroshi Kitagawa (Kobe Pharmaceutical University)
Hideonao Toyoda (Ritsumeikan University)
Hideto Watanabe (Institute for Molecular Science of Medicine, Aichi Medical University)
Katarzyna Anna Inoue (2013-) (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Toshitaka Oohashi (2013-) (Okayama University)
Keisuke Kamimura (2019-) (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)


Former Organizers 

Masaki Yanagishita (-2019) ( Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Masayuki Ishihara (-2019) ( National Defense Medical College Research Institute)
Tamayuki Shinomura (-2019) ( Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Nobuaki Maeda (2013-2019) ( Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)


Contact: Shuhei Yamada
Department of Pathobiochemistry,
Faculty of Pharmacy,
Meijo University
150, Yagotoyama, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 468-8503 Japan
TEL: +81-52-832-1151
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FAX: +81-52-834-8090
E-mail: shuheiy*meijo-u.ac.jp (* -> @)